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At Ellerslie we use Total Quality Management Techniques to meet the on-going needs of our clients.

Environmental Policy:-

Water conservation:- Our continuous research into water utilization has lead to significant improvements in water efficiency, our investment in this field has significantly reduced the risk of lower yields thereby ensuring adequate supply to our clients
Environmental footprint:- At Ellerslie we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. We constantly review, monitor and implement agricultural “best practices” ensuring that we take an active approach to improving our procedures
As part of quality management Ellerslie is currently implementing the “Freshcare Environmental Code of Practice. This will ensure total traceability of farm management practices

Quality Control:

At Ellerslie production procedures are constantly monitored to ensure that the procedures are followed. We ensure that all staff have adequate training and monitoring processes throughout the season. We utilize several methods for testing the quality of our hops including: Spectrophotometric, HPLC, GCMS and pesticide residue analysis as well as taking soil and leaf analysis on our domestic varieties throughout the season. We endeavor to provide high quality and consistent quality hops to our clients

Human Resource and Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

All staff are trained on induction as to their specific roles. Ellerslie takes a pro-active approach to ensure that the health and safety of our employees remains a priority in all aspects of their roles.



The analysis of hops is performed by HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography). The selection sample is tested for chemical components including the accurate content of alpha acids, beta acids, moisture and oil. The analytical data is important to breweries to know the value of each variety.

We confirm that the hops and hop products supplied to you by Ellerslie Hop Estate Pty Ltd are not genetically modified. We assure you that so far there have been no genetically treated hops available anywhere on the world market. Should this situation change we will inform you accordingly. In this way, the hops and hop products we supply to you in the future will always fulfil your requirements.

We also confirm that there are no additives or processing aids used in the production of Type 90 Standard hop pellets supplied by our company. During the processing of the hops supplied the product has no contact with any live stock.

In accordance with Australia, New Zealand Food Standards Code – Volume 2 Ellerslie Hop, conduct full GCMS analysis for a wide range of agricultural chemical residues, including Organochlorine Pesticides (OCs), Organophosphate Pesticides (OPs), Organ nitrogen Pesticides (ONs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Synthetic Pyrethroids (SP), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Fungicides. To date no agricultural chemical residues have been detected on pelleted hops.


Certificate of Analysis
All hop products such as pellets and extracts all come with a Certificate of Analysis.

Kosher Certificate
Hops & hop products produced by Ellerslie Hop Australia are certified Kosher - L'mehadrin  


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