About Us


With a history dating back to the 1930’s Ellerslie Hop is a Proud Australian owned family company that constantly remains at the forefront of hop development within Australia. Our philosophy of offering the latest technology in farm management and process controls ensures that we supply only the highest quality hops and hop products.

It is our goal to constantly strive to supply the brewing industry with fresh hops and down stream hop products, both domestic varieties and from around the world. Through our associates in Europe, USA and UK we can supply a full range of hops at competitive prices.

To maintain the freshness of all our hops Ellerslie has a purpose built modern cool-store located at our Myrrhee facility. This ensures that we have total control at all times over the product that we offer to the brewing industry. It also allows us the opportunity to process hops at a controlled temperature thereby maintaining consistent alpha levels through to pellet and the preservation of quality and freshness.


The brewer can rest easy in the knowledge that no other product is stored with our hops and that at all times we are responsible for the safe storage and handling of our products.

Ellerslie is able to offer a complete analytical service through Spectrophotometric, HPLC, GCMS and pesticide residue analysis. As analytical techniques have developed Ellerslie has remained committed to maintaining our position as market leaders in hop analysis techniques. As a result of the advanced techniques employed by Ellerslie we have compiled an extensive library of analytical data which enables us to offer hops of the highest quality.

At our growing and processing facility we strive to maintain the highest quality standards and we are constantly expanding and developing new processes to ensure that international brewing standards are met.


Over the past 5 years Ellerslie has undergone an extensive expansion program increasing our acreage under hop, expanding our processing facility and converting a high percentage of our gardens to drip irrigation. Through this program of development we have pioneered our own drip fertigation program which has seen a managed expansion while protecting our water resources. During our expansion program the owners and management of the company made the conscious decision that were possible we would source all materials from local manufacturers thereby supporting local Industry.

Ellerslie Hop – Supporting local Industry.