Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are hops?

A. The hop is a flowering, bine - Humulus Lupulus. Brewers use the flowers or cones of the plant to flavour beer.

Q. How do you store hops?

A. Hops are not light stable which means that if they are exposed to UV rays, there will be a direct impact on the alpha levels as well as decreasing the shelf life. Storage in clear see-through containers should be AVOIDED. Ideally they should be stored in the foil bag that they were packed in when you receive them and then kept in the refrigerator. The hops we supply in 500g & 1kg lots are resealable.


Q. How do I know where the variety has come from?

A. We supply a certificate of analysis (C of A) with every variety that is dispatched from our warehouse. Through our associates in Europe, USA & UK we can supply a full range of hops and hop products along with our very own grown varieties. Please also visit our 'hop pellets' page which also shows the country of origin for each variety we sell.


Q. What is alpha acids?

A. Alpha acids are bittering compounds found in hops that are extracted when hops are boiled with wort. The alpha acid "rating" on hops describes how much of the weight of the hop is made up of alpha acids. Hops with a higher alpha acid content will contribute more bitterness than a low alpha hop when using the same amount of hop.

Q. How long do hops last for if stored correctly?

A. Unopened, hops can last up to 12 months with very minimal alpha degradation. Once the pouch is opened and the pellets subjected to oxygen, then alpha levels can start to deteriorate. They should be used within 3 months to maintain optimum alpha levels. Fresh is best!


Q. What is the difference between hop cones and hop pellets?

A. Hop Cones also known as Whole Hops- Essentially, this is the just the dried hop cones as they come off the plant.
Hop Pellets - Hop pellets are produced by grinding the hops into a powder. This powder is then formed into small pellets. The oils and resins in the hop act as the binder to hold the pellets in the desired shape.

Fact: Hop pellets last longer than cones as cones lose their alpha very quickly.


Q. How do I place an order and is there a minimum quantity?

A. Simply just email your requirements and delivery details by email to, or phone 03 9872 6811 and we will begin processing your order. Once you receive the invoice for payment you can pay per credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Once payment is made we then dispatch your order. There is no minimum order quantity. Anyone can order 500g bag or 500kgs.


Q. Do you sell smaller hop bag sizes then 500g?

A. We sell 500g, 1kg and 5kg bag lots of hop pellets. You can visit for 12g bags which are Ellerslie Hop Pellets.