Hop Extracts


Isomerised Kettle Extract (IKE)

More efficient provision of bitterness via addition to kettle as a 100% replacement for cone hops, type 90 hop pellets or hop extract.

Viscous extract (mobile at 30-40° C) derived from carbon dioxide hop extract. Alpha acids have been isomerised to iso-alpha acids (present as the free acid).

As for hop extract. If packaged in polyethylene containers, these may be warmed to 30 - 40° C prior to use and the IKE is then treated as a liquid. Generally, the viscosity of IKE is lower than that of the parent extract. IKE can be used for up to 100% of the kettle bittering requirements. Utilizations achieved with IKE will usually be 50%-70% higher than those obtained with either Type 90 pellets, or conventional hop extract.

IKE Spec Sheet

Tetra Extract 10% (TETRA 10%)

Tetra ISO-Extract provides 1.6 to 1.8 times the perceived bitterness as compared to the same level from traditional hopping. Therefore, the target level for beer must be proportionally reduced to achieve the correct degree of sensory bitterness.

Tetra Extract has good storage stability. When stored in sealed containers at room temperature, Tetra Extract will maintain its integrity for at least 12 months. Storage temperatures between 21C and 27C are ideal

Tetra Spec Sheet

Isomerised Hop Extract 30% (ISO 30%)

Isomerised Hop Extract is produced from CO2 extract and contains only purified isomerised a-acids.

ISO 30% can be used to top up bitterness or used as a partial hop replacement (up to 71% of the total bitterness). It is added post fermentation, greatly improving the utilization of iso-a-acids into beer and therefore is the cheapest form of bittering

ISO Spec Sheet