Ellerslie Hop - Working With Brewers


Ellerslie Hop – Australia, is the largest Australian owned independent hop company suppling hops both domestically and internationally. This iconic family group of companies was formed in 1932 and to this day is owned and managed by direct descendent’ s of the founder Mr Thomas William Croke.Ellerslie Hop Stamp

With combined property holdings spanning over 1200 acres comprising of hop fields , processing and cool-store facilities and extensive cattle breeding and pasture land we have been able to secure our future and the future of generations to come; Thereby ensuring that profits remain in Australia.

We grow and supply Pride of Ringwood, SuperPrides, and Clusters in both Type 90 pellet and cone form, and through our international associates we are able to source many varieties of pellets (Type 90 and Type 45), hop extracts, hop oils and downstream hop products.



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